Harrison mayor says city's recycling program is in danger

HARRISON, Ark. - We’re all guilty of it: wishful recycling. We throw something into a recycling bin hoping it's recyclable but isn’t really. Now volunteers are putting labels on bins to prevent people from doing just that.

"I was guilty of the pizza boxes," said Veda Remington, a volunteer. "It's cardboard. You think it's recyclable, but when it's got the grease we can't handle that."

Volunteers took time out of their day to make Harrison a little greener.

"We have some areas that we need to clean up and make people aware of what really needs to be recycled and where you can take other items," said Julie Maxey, another volunteer.

The Harrison mayor said the city is in danger of losing its recycling program.

"They showed us a video of a recycling truck that dumped out, and it was 60 percent trash," said Mayor Jerry Jackson.

The company that accepts Harrison's recyclables in Rogers may refuse to take the recyclables if there's too much trash mixed in.

"That really generated a lot of urgency," Remington said. "I know we don't have the facilities to take care of all the recyclable materials, but there's a whole lot of cross contamination.

The city's trash service provider, Orion Waste Solutions, came up with a solution.

"They printed us 4,000 of these labels," Jackson said.

The labels show what can and can't be recycled in Harrison city limits in the yellow-topped bins.

Volunteers went around Ward 3 to stick them on the containers by the road.

"There were a few trash bins that were overflowing, and they had recyclables in them and completely empty recycle bins, which was kind of disappointing," Remington said.

The mayor said he hopes by informing the community, it makes a big difference.

"We want to have one of the cleanest recycling communities out there," Jackson said.

If you want a label for you or your neighborhood, the mayor asks that you stop by his office to get them at City Hall in Harrison.