Harrison realtor Jerry Jackson elected mayor, defeats current Mayor Dan Sherrell

HARRISON, Ark. - Realtor Jerry Jackson will be the new Harrison mayor starting in January, defeating Mayor Dan Sherrell.

This is the third consecutive midterm election where the current Harrison mayor lost when running for a second term.

Sherrell and Jackson both ran for mayor back in 2014 against the mayor at that time, Jeff Crockett.

Sherrell won the runoff election by just 30 votes.

But Tuesday night was a different result, with Jerry Jackson elected as the new mayor of Harrison.

Jackson said, "It's crazy. I've never won one of these things but I really want to thank the voters of Harrison for putting their confidence in me. I'd like to really thank Mayor Dan Sherrell and his family."

Sherrell said he's disappointed by the results, "I thought maybe it may be a little closer. But you don't know. You know politics is a strange game. I've said that for many many years. I'm just I'm glad I've been able to serve the last four years."

Keep in mind the mayor gets to decide the city’s police chief, fire chief and head of the city water department.

Jackson did not want to comment on what his plans are for those positions tonight.