Hawley, McCaskill spat over SCOTUS nominee vote at Farm Bureau meeting

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- While stumping for the endorsement of the Missouri Farm Bureau, Attorney General Josh Hawley and Senator Claire McCaskill both spoke to farmers about how they will fight for them in Washington, D.C.

But aside from agriculture talk, both candidates talked about the confirmation of Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Hawley attacked McCaskill for delaying her decision on how she will vote.

"My opponent had to ask for permission from her party's leader, [Senator] Chuck Schumer, in order just to sit down with the current Supreme Court nominee. Just to sit down with him," Hawley claimed. "Now, I'll tell you this, no Missouri Senator should ask for permission from anybody to represent the State of Missouri. I won't ask for permission to fight for you, and I don't care who it offends, or who it doesn't. I am Missouri's Senator - or will be - and I will be there to be your advocate."

Later, during her speech to farmers, McCaskill fired back, saying she is taking the same amount of time she took when reviewing Neil Gorsuch when he was nominated by President Trump.

On Friday, it was announced confirmation hearings for Kavanaugh will begin in the Senate on September 4th.

McCaskill said she has a meeting scheduled with Kavanaugh on August 21st, and pushed back on claims she is beholden to Sen. Schumer.

"I stood up publicly against Harry Reid. You talk about everyone telling me I was crazy. You don't publicly stand up against the guy that's going to be the leader of your party if you're afraid of him. I tell Chuck Schumer to pound sand about every ten minutes," McCaskill said. The notion that somebody would come in here and try to sell you an idea that I take orders from Chuck Schumer? Give me a break. I don't take orders from anybody, except the people of Missouri."