A group offering help & support for single moms in the Ozarks is expanding

Published: Oct. 8, 2019 at 8:14 AM CDT
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The Caring People's support groups for single moms have expanded to 4 states. The Care Groups encourage, educate and help single moms facing daily struggles or even a sudden crisis.

"It wasn't easy," explains Amanda Crim.

This is a new home with new paint and a new start for Amanda Crim. Amanda is a single mom. She needed an outlet for understanding after a family tragedy.

"Pray, laugh, talk, work through things, learn, " says Amanda about the Care Groups.

Amanda felt love from family and the women here (see video). This is one of The Caring People's Care Groups. The women can share everything from ways to budget to time management.

"They're a group of women that understand what you're going through, that can relate, that are great listeners and, um, it's beneficial," says Amanda.

In 2014, married for 4 years, Amanda lost Rob to suicide.

"It was a tough time anyway and then losing Rob (pause). Yeah,"

reflected Amanda. Then, she added, "It is tough..."

The suddenly single mom couldn't get swept up in life's challenges and grief. Her daughter, Chloe needed her. So, Amanda found help.

"Just having someone around who understands the struggle is so, so important, " explained Amanda.

Not every day is dark anymore. Amanda thinks so much about the light of hope from care groups that at one point she helped start a new group for women like her.

"Having a sense of purpose, I think being kind to others and helping others is good for our own mental health and happiness," says Amanda.


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