BAD ALLERGIES: Highest pollen count in years takes place in Missouri

Published: Apr. 19, 2019 at 3:22 PM CDT
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Despite his allergies, Paul Lewis is taking a stroll at Nathaniel Greene Park. He says he isn't the only one to suffer from mother nature.

"Several of my colleagues at work, and then also my family has been experiencing a heavy amount of runny nose, coughing, some sneezing, things like that," says Lewis.

Katie Keith who works for the Botanical Center at Nathanial Greene Park says there could be a few reasons why pollen is bad this year. One reason is because some species are blooming late this year.

"Just had a cool spring, lower temperatures, a lot of gray days leading up into spring and then all of a sudden everything bloomed on the exact same day," says Keith.

Keith says people are also planting the same type of trees.

"People plant maybe the same two oaks, well if we had the 40 different oak trees potentially available in our region and they bloom at different times we would have it staggered out as well," says Keith.

While Lewis says he knows he will regret being outdoors today, Katie says you should still get out and enjoy it.

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