Highlighting germs, an up-close look during flu season

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- Flu season is ramping up. Cindy Tucker, a registered nurse and infection prevention specialist with CoxHealth, says they are seeing more and more cases each week.

KY3/ KSPR decided to try a science experiment using a black light and a florescent germ glow solution. We tested computers, phones, desks and every day objects around our news station for germs. We discovered many things were tainted.

"Those black lights, they show it all," Tucker said. "They show our lack of appropriate hand hygiene. So we should be concerned when we are seeing those spots."

Tucker says germs spread quickly. Sometimes germs stay on surfaces for hours.

"Anything that is living on the surface or something that was in the air, that landed on the surface, it could be the flu," Tucker said. "Or it could be something as severe as MRSA, staph infection or something like that."

To combat sickness, Tucker makes a few suggestions:
-Cough/ sneeze in your elbow
-Wash hands for at least 20 seconds (sing "Happy Birthday" twice)
-Sanitize your home with bleach
-Wash all bedding
-Throw used tissues in trash cans immediately