KY3 rides with Missouri Highway Patrol in search for impaired drivers

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. -- Thomas Meyer is a Highway Patrol State Trooper. He has been on the force for five years. Meyer says he has already arrested someone early in the morning on March 16 for DWI.

While no one was hurt at his stop, he says he has worked many stops involving driving while impaired where has had to speak to the victim's loved ones.

He says the moment you have to tell a family member that their loved one is dead is one of the worst feelings he ever has to experience. He recommends people making a plan before they drink because it's not worth the risk of getting behind the wheel intoxicated. He says arrests for DWI are expensive and selfish.

Trooper Meyer says he believes the moment of impairment starts the first sip someone takes of an alcoholic beverage. He says the first thing that goes is someone's judgement. So he asks anyone who is out celebrating to call a taxi or an Uber or Lyft.