Hillcrest High School student recovering after eating a brownie

A Springfield high school student is in the intensive care unit. And his parents want answers.

"Did you know there was anything in that," said Chris Smith, Tyler's father. "I'm going to be honest if you know I rather know now."

That's the question Tyler's parents asked after they say he swallowed a brownie with CBD Oil and marijuana. At first they couldn't get him to answer, as Tyler drifted in and out of sleep. He has little memory of what happened, and no energy.

"They say this is a part of the process of pumping liquids through him," explained Smith.

His parents say Tyler was at Hillcrest High School when another student passed out a batch of brownies. They say not knowing what was inside, Tyler took one and ate it then collapsed.

"If it wasn't for his school nurse, she was a blessing," said Smith. "She resuscitated him at the school and got a hold of his mom."

Kelly Worthley, Tyler's Mom says thought she'd lost her son.

"It's hard, you see your child laying their hopeless," said Worthley.

Stephen Hall, representative of Springfield City Schools says he is unable to give details about the investigation, or what happened. However, he says the district has a zero tolerance policy for drugs.

"We will not tolerate the presence of drugs on our campus," said Hall. "We know that in today's environment especially we have to be vigilant and we have to watch out for that."

He adds, that violating this could lead to consequences.

"They include out of school suspension, with a review meeting with administration," explained Hall. "If there is distribution involved depending on the circumstances it could also qualify as a safe school violation which will bring additional sever discipline."