Hollister School District preps for start of summer school next week

HOLLISTER, Mo. -- Summer school starts as early as next week for some kids.

However, in Hollister, classrooms won't look like they did when kids left them two months ago.

Custodians are busy stepping up the sanitization throughout Hollister Schools, as they wipe down desks and chairs.

​"[Students are] coming back to a safe environment," Superintendent Dr. Brian Wilson said.

Summer school in Hollister begins on May 27.

"We have a number of our parents that are going back to work. They have younger children and they need a place for them to go, as well as they want them to continue the education," Dr. Wilson said.

Dr. Wilson says in-person summer school comes with a lot of precautions.

"The busing we are going to offer will be one student per seat," Dr. Wilson

That also means that the district will run double the routes and have extra eyes on students.

"There will be a bus monitor riding each one of our routes to ensure that students are going to stay those distances away from each other," Dr. Wilson

When the kids left their classrooms in March, there were about 20 chairs in each room and the desks were pushed together. For summer school, the rooms will look much different.

"We are shooting to have class sizes of around 12," Early Childhood Center Mark Waugh said.

Waugh says those students will be spaced out in the classroom and stay in the small groups the whole day.

"One classroom with their sink, with their hand sanitizer. That group will stay together for lunch and recess," Waugh said.

However, for parents who aren't ready to send their kids back, there's an option for virtual summer school, too.

"We are just trying to meet our community where they are," Dr. Wilson said.

Administrators say it's all about working with families to provide safe options for students.

"At the end of the day, we want to make sure every child is taken care of," Waugh said.

In Hollister, there will be two, four-week sessions of summer school. Students can go to either one of those sessions or both. Parents can sign up on the district's website.