On Your Side: Beware of this driveway repair offer

POLK COUNTY, Mo. Four homeowners within a week tell On Your Side their driveways are a mess. All roads lead to a crew that claims to be with the state fixing potholes.

"They looked like they were working on the roads. They had their orange and yellow shirts on," said Don Hendricks.

Hendricks says All Asphalt Services made a mess of his driveway.

"He said it was going to be just as hard as that road. This is nothing like that road," he said.

Don said a worker told him the crew was filling potholes in Polk County.

"They said they worked for the department of fixing roads," said Don.

Four homeowners tell On Your Side, they got the same sales pitch:
All Asphalt Services has extra materials, so they'll make you a deal.

"He did it when it was my wife and grandson and followed her to the house," he said.

Don went to the bank and stopped the $3,900 check.

On Your Side called All Asphalt Services on July 5 and left a message. That number is now disconnected.

MoDOT tells On Your Side:

MoDOT will repair driveway approaches that are on state rights-of-way. Crews will do this work as a matter of routine maintenance and when a customer contacts us with a concern about the condition of a driveway/entrance approach that is on state right-of-way. However, MoDOT crews and crews working for MoDOT cannot, by state statute, use public resources on private property. MoDOT will not approach a homeowner offering to use excess materials on private property. We urge people who are contacted by those claiming to be with MoDOT or a MoDOT contractor to contact their local law enforcement agency if they are suspicious.

As for All Asphalt Services, viewers tell us they have worked on driveways in Strafford, Nixa, Hollister and Bolivar.

If you decide to answer your door and get this offer, here's what consumer experts say to ask:

1. Do you have proof of insurance? Are you bonded?
2. Do you have a business license?
3. Do you have business card? Marked vehicles?
4. Is a good deal today, a good deal tomorrow?

Always research a company before you hire.