Mercy confirms no Coronavirus at Springfield hospital

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- One local hospital tells KY3/KSPR that there are no cases of Coronavirus, a pneumonia-like virus, in Springfield.

An official from Mercy Hospital confirmed this information after a social media post surfaced earlier in the weekend alleging that the virus made way to Springfield. That spokesperson said there was no truth to the post.

Twice, KY3 News asked a CoxHealth official if that hospital had seen any coronavirus. We have not heard back.

Hospital officials say any confirmed cases of Coronavirus would be released by the health department immediately.

Nationally, health officials have confirmed five cases of Coronavirus in the United States as of Sunday .

These cases include two in California, one in Arizona, one in Washington state and one in Chicago.

The outbreak of the new virus is linked to a wildlife market in central China, which prompted renewed calls for enforcement of laws against the trade-in and consumption of exotic species.

The Coronavirus has accelerated its spread in China with 56 deaths so far.