SURVIVE THE STORM: How quick action can help you survive a storm

Published: Apr. 1, 2020 at 7:06 PM CDT
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Every time there's a tornado warning, the First Alert team advises you to take cover in your storm shelter, and based on the damage we've seen over the past year, it's no wonder why.

In any storm situation, whether it be high winds or tornadoes, always best to avoid exterior walls. This, right behind me, used to be a solid brick wall.

As always, the best place to be in the event of a tornado is the basement. You see here, we do have some damage and debris on the basement stairs, but the folks who live here survived this tornado with little injury.

If you don't have a basement, we always tell you it's a good idea to get into an interior room or closet. For instance, this pantry. The walls are very close together, the room stays a lot sturdier than a much larger room. While it is slightly damaged, definitely a survivable space.

As you head into the storm shelter, make sure you're carrying the KY3 weather app with you. Another idea is to make sure, if you've got them available, grab a bicycle helmet or other sporting helmet to help protect your head with as you do take shelter. You also wanna make sure you've got some hard soled shoes on, if you do see any damage or receive any damage, you'll wanna be able to walk out through that damage in hard soled shoes as opposed to socks or bare feet.

Finally, bring in a whistle or other noise making device. If you do get trapped in your shelter, you can blow that whistle and attract rescuers to your location.