How workers are beating the heat while fixing your roof

Published: Jul. 12, 2018 at 5:27 PM CDT
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(DISCLAIMER: Roofers in this story are not affiliated with Dale's Roofing Inc.)

During the hot summer months, outdoor roofing companies are busy not only with repairs, but finding a way to stay cool.

Jeff Elam, who works for Dale's Roofing, Inc. said,"We try to get out earlier, definitely in the summer, and try to take off a little earlier in the afternoon before the heat of the day actually starts beating down on them."

But sometimes, they do have to work through the afternoon heat.

"We do tell our employees to take a lot more water breaks. Being on a roof during the summer is dangerous," Elam said.

They wear jeans and long sleeves to protect them from the sun...then watch for signs of heat exhaustion.

"The heat can get to you, can get disoriented. So, we tell the guys that if they start to feel any of the side effects, go down, get some water, sit in the shade for a little bit," Elam said.

And a switch over the years away from black tar paper provides better material for the home and a little relief for the workers too.

"Most of the underlinement now is a different color. We actually use a lighter one, it's light gray, instead of the old black tar paper. So, that does help a little bit with it," Elam said. .

Whether you're outside this summer for work or just for fun, those heat safety tips stay the same: make sure that you are wearing light, loose fitting clothing, taking breaks in the shade when you need them, and of course drinking plenty of water.

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