Hundreds of Model-A's roll into Silver Dollar City

Published: Jun. 28, 2018 at 1:56 PM CDT
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Hundreds of Ford Model-A's from the late 1920's and early 1930's converged on Branson this week from all over the country.

"People are watching you, you know, and sometimes you lose track of that and all the sudden you say, 'What are they looking at?' Well, they're looking at the car," Model A Restorers Club Vice-President Joe Fox said.

The cars were the first Ford's to have a sliding-gear transmission, or a stick-shift.

The Model A Restorer's Club is a national organization that seeks to keep this part of history through their hobby of fixing up the neat old cars.

"These cars are more or less just exactly the way they came off the assembly line," Dancin' in Branson Meet Chairman Dan Bixby said.

The organization even has a youth division that plan to preserve the history for generations to come.

"It's important to get the youth involved in our Model-A hobby because eventually we will be able to play with these cars forever and people will stay interested in the history of the cars," Model A Restorers Club Youth Coordinator Amy Rozny said.

Ford made about five million Model A's in those five years.

The Model A Restorers Club started in 1952.