Hundreds run through beautiful Dogwood Canyon, a coveted race for all runners

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LAMPE, Mo. -- It's a runners dream, but very few get in. The annual Dogwood Canyon run kicked off early this morning-- as part of the Bass Pro Shops Fitness Series.

Hundreds of runners took part Saturday morning, running 9.3 miles through the beautiful Ozark Mountains. The courses are hilly, rocky, wet, and very picturesque. The race only accepts a limited number of participants each year... so people come from all over the country to see these views.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park was wiped out this Spring by flooding.

So crews had to work non-stop to get it ready for the big race this weekend.

On Sunday, the Dogwood Canyon race series continues. Runners will take part in either a 25 or a 50-K. That means they're running either 15 or 31 miles through that rugged terrain.

The Park re-opened in October after the floods. In November, park managers are hosting Fly Tying demonstrations for fly fishers, Stone Age Survival Skills classes, and a class on Foraging in the Ozarks.

The Park will be opened all winter long on Wednesdays through Sundays. They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

You can also take part in Eagle Discovery Weekend on Jan. 27-28. And take part in a one-day Fly Tying class on Dec. 9.