Hurley R-1 School CPR training saves mother's life in Stone County

Published: Aug. 23, 2017 at 10:32 PM CDT
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A literal life-saving lesson at a high school right here in the Ozarks.

A high school health class was the difference between life and death this summer for a mom from Stone County.

Her teenaged daughter had just learned CPR at school when there was a crisis at home.

"We went to the gym there was a bunch of manikins set up and did our compressions 30-5," Victoria Lightfoot, Junior at Hurley R-1 School, said.

Little did 16-year-old Victoria Lightfoot know just how important it was to pay attention in her health class.

"I never thought I would use it especially on my parents or anything," she said.

But late one night this summer, Victoria and her mom were at home when her mom had an asthma attack and stopped breathing.

"It was scary," Lightfoot said.

Victoria called 911 but immediately started doing what she had been taught a few months earlier in class at school.

"I wasn't thinking or anything I just had to save her," Lightfoot said.

Health teacher Vicki Spivy says she started CPR training 5 years ago, in her class, mainly to help students get summer jobs like lifeguarding.

"It never crossed my mind that someone would have to do it at their home," Spivy said.

Thanks to that life lesson in school Victoria was able to keep her mom alive at home until help arrived.

"It was important for how long I did it and...when we went to the ER we told them I did CPR for 20 minutes they thought it was a big deal and I told them I did it in school and they thought it was amazing," Lightfoot said.

"When she came up and told me that I just got Goosebumps she's just a hero basically," Spivy said.

It's a skill Victoria thinks everyone should know and she has a daily reminder of why it's important.

"Everyday she says she's thankful for being here and thankful for me and dad being there, helping her and saving her," Lightfoot said.

Her mother has been doing better since then.

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