Hy-Vee prepares for hundreds of people for its Veterans Day Breakfast

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Springfield, Mo. There are many businesses and organizations thanking veterans today and this morning Hy-Vee is expecting 1,000 people if not more to fill its seats for a free breakfast for veterans.

A buffet-style meal of eggs, bacon, fruit and hash brown casserole is just a few of the many breakfast items free for veterans today.

Hy-Vee started preparing yesterday for the huge turnout.

Chefs started cooking at 1 a.m. and got the ovens hot and ready for the big breakfast.

The breakfast buffet is free for veterans and their spouse no matter if they're active or retired.

It's a meal employees say veterans and their spouses deserve.

"It's part of the Veterans Day, it's something our company has come out with it's an awesome event, but honestly the spouses put up with just as much any active veteran that has been overseas deployed even the ones that haven't been deployed," Kyle Calvert, Assistant Director of Perishables, said. "The spouses have put up just as much as they have it's just as hard on them and it's our chance to give back to them and their spouse."

Hy-Vee says it will be all hands on deck and ready for hundreds of people they're expecting this morning.

The breakfast lasts until 11 a.m.