Ice Storm in Ava, Mo. causes power outages

AVA, Mo. -- White River Valley Electric Cooperative says a quarter-inch of ice adds 500 pounds to the lines which can make them snap.

Crews for White River were out repairing all those affected by the electric outages. White River crews say they do what they can to be prepared, but at some point they are up to the mercy of Mother Nature.

A family in Ava is one of those whose power came on and off during the day. They had branches along with ice scattered all along their property. Brian Vinson, the owner of the home, says he has seen ice storms like this before, but is glad it didn't do extensive damage.

Vinson says, "I had it fall before on my house, but we were really lucky this time it hit the ground."

There are still more than 500 people without power that White River serves. They said they will be working into Sunday restore the power.