Ice knocks down power lines, trees in Mountain Grove, Mo.

MOUNTAIN GROVE, Mo. -- Mountain Grove was not spared from the freezing rain. Widespread tree damage could be seen all over town.

"It's been non-stop ever since last night. I've been hearing snapping, crackling, popping, tree limbs falling, breaking, landing on houses, Roger Hicks told KY3.

Not just tree limbs either.

Hicks had to jump into action, blocking the street in front of his house with his car after a power line snapped due to ice.

"A car drove over the top of it and there was another car that drove underneath it and scraped the top of it. That's risky," Hicks exclaimed.

Power crews were out and about across Mountain Grove restoring power and knocking ice off of lines.

Saturday morning, roughly 900 people were without power in Wright County with more than 500 of those being in Mountain Grove.

Across town, tree limbs had fallen on cars, one fell on a house and nearly ripped a neighbor's power box completely off the side of the house.

Ice was thick enough to uproot entire trees and even split this tree in half.

Here in this yard, tree limbs snapping and falling just while I've been here. And then right across the street, I spoke with this owner, a tree limb down on that blue car, it's hard to see. But this whole area around Scott and Center looks more like a war zone.

"I've lived in Missouri my whole life and I've never seen anything like this before. There was somebody driving around and they said our house was one of the worst ones that they've seen driving around," Elisha Jones said.

Jones didn't want her car to end up like her neighbor's.

"We could hear the trees breaking off and just crashing into stuff. We wound up moving our vehicles away from the driveway."

One branch landed on her roof but didn't do any damage.

Once it all melts the cleanup will begin.

"It's going to be dreadful, yes. It's going to be a lot of work," Jones added.

As of 9:40 pm on Saturday, Intercounty Electric Cooperative reports a total of 778 people are without power.

742 of those customers reside in Texas County, while 24 are in Phelps, and 12 are in Wright.