Icy road this morning catches some drivers by surprise in Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- It's certainly cold enough for icy roads, but in Springfield, we didn't see any rain or snow. So, a big patch of ice on a city street came as a surprise to some drivers earlier this morning.

When KY3 went to check on the intersection at Sunset and Morningside, a Springfield Public Works truck was putting down quite a bit of salt. It has helped melt quite a bit of the ice, but early this morning it was a slippery situation.

Some of the ice has melted, but when Richard Crosby drove through this morning, he was a bit surprised.

"Didn't notice it until I was stopping and my ABS started to chatter," said Crosby. "But I got stopped alright."

Sara Compton had a little different experience

"We just kinda went like this (indicating her car slid to the side slightly), but the car behind me, it was like a white SUV, went like sideways and slid and I was just like oh my God please don't hit us, please don't hit us."

They didn't hit, and Compton added that nobody was in a hurry.

"Nobody was even driving like, fast, I mean, I think we were going like 20, getting ready to stop and we still slid, so I think that was the scariest part."

"I kept my eye on my rear view mirror for the next car that was coming up behind me," said Crosby. "But they noticed pretty quick and they stopped a good car length away from me."

A Springfield Public Works truck dropped a lot of salt to help melt the ice, but this morning's surprise area of ice is something Crosby says is out of the ordinary.

"The city really takes good care of the roads, they really do, and so does the county," said Crosby.

With temperatures dropping into the teens tonight, some of the water at Sunset and Morningside may refreeze, causing more slick conditions, so use caution.

Director of Public Information Cora Scott said if you encounter a situation like this, report it to the Citizen Resource Center either online or through email. That information will then be quickly forwarded to the Springfield Public Works Department.