Inexpensive home workout to tone your legs

SPRINGFIELD, Mo We've got a great workout today to tone up your hips and legs for summer. This is one you can do indoors on cold or rainy days. You'll also get your heart pumping to help overall fitness.

Here's what David Poland of Extreme Fitness told us:
Here's how to perform stationary and lateral squats with a hip abduction resistance band.

Resistance bands are inexpensive and often sold in sets of low, medium, and heavy levels of resistance. They are great for stretching, lifting, squatting, and all leg workouts.

For this workout, place two cones 10 feet apart. Start at one cone, with the resistance band around your knees. Pull your knees apart to apply pressure on the band as you do 5 to 10 stationary squats, depending on your fitness level.

Next, take ½ steps to the side doing lateral squats for 10 feet until you reach the other cone, keeping the resistance band around your knees.

Now repeat the 5-to-10 stationary squats at the other cone.

Last, return to the original cone by repeating the ½ steps to the side doing lateral squats with the band still around your knees.

Rest after each set of four steps; stationary squat at 1st cone, lateral squats to 2nd cone, stationary squats at 2nd cone, and lateral squats returning you to the 1st cone.

Set a goal of 3 sets.

This workout targets problem hips areas more than standard squats.