Inside look at the newly renovated lodge at Roaring River State park

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A historic renovation is now complete at Roaring River State Park.

For years Ken Kendall knew the Civilian Conservation Corps Lodge at Roaring River State Park as the place to get a bite to eat. "I've been here probably 40 years and I've seen a lot of changes," says Kendall. "They had the concession stand there when we were first there and they had offices down below."

But when the park offered him one of the rooms in the newly renovated lodge; Kendall took the bait. "We got a room up there just by chance, we had a room in the other lodge and they said they had an opening and we took it and it is fantastic."

The rooms are all suites which include all the amenities.

"We got a kitchenette, two bedrooms and a full living room; cable TV," says Kendall.

"They used to have some offices in the back and they also used to have a small fly shop at one time downstairs," says Russell Dispenza Jr.

Dispenza Jr. has been coming to the park for nearly 40 years. He has fond memories of the lodge before the renovations. "They used to have the balcony open like it is now; they completely restored it and you could go out there and sit and have a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the view."

He's glad to see the lodge restored to it's original glory.

"We've actually been watching some of the renovations since they started and they've come quite a long ways, they've completely redone the downstairs bathroom, they look absolutely awesome," says Dispenza Jr.

The Lodge has seven rooms available for rent which cost about $120 a night.