Inspiration: A high school senior's journey back from knee injury

The American Academy of Pediatrics says the rate of ACL Knee injuries is growing each year. In this Fit Life, we're looking at a local basketball player's long road back to health after surgery.

Jordan Wersinger doesn't find a cheering crowd at Mercy Sports Medicine - HealthTracks. She pictured her basketball season in a much different way. .

The high school senior's senior basketball dream did not happen.

Jordan explains how the injury happened, " I was going up to block the shot... but, when I landed it didn't turn our so well... (laugh). "

{On July 29th, Jordan started a different journey. One that included a long time out on the couch, two surgeries, 4 weeks on crutches and heartbreak.

Jordan laments that, "This is my last chance at high school basketball and I don't get it..." She also notes, "I didn't expect it to be this hard..."

Now, Jordan's in the 3rd quarter of recovery focused on form instead of x's and o's on the court. At Mercy Health Tracks, every single exercise for Jordan has a purpose.

Paul Adler reports, "Part of the reason Jordan got injured is that she has a tendency when landing to let her knees turn in. The rehab is working on fixing that."

Brandon Hetzler says, "Everyting we do on day one, sets the state for what we do on day 2 and builds for day 3, which builds for what comes from there."

And, the recovery isn't a sprint, it will go on for 9-to-12 months.

Brandon Hetzler talking about the rehab says, "It sucks..The consistency of it is what I don't think a lot of people are prepared for. it's not just coming in and having one good session. It's about coming in and stringing together 20, 40, 50 sessions to get them back."

Jordan adds, "No doubt, there's gonna be hard issues and there's gonna be bumps in the road no matter what... just keep a positive attitude and keep working hard."

Jordan will likely be allowed to get off the bench in March.
She won't be hiding her battle wounds.

Jordan points, "That's my scar... yeah. I think it looks cool. Everyone's like put some scar cream on it to make it go away and I'm like no, I'm just going to let it be, I like it... so..."

The next step, next season, stepping on the court for the university of Central Missouri Mules on a scholaship.

Jordan concludes, "I'm kinda seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now.."

The Centers for Disease Control says ACL injuries happen to as many as 250,000 people in the states each year. The CDC also says females are at greater risk for that type of injury.