Investigation still open in toddler's murder one year later

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. It's been a year since two year-old Kinzlea Kilgore was killed at a home in Buffalo, Missouri.

Investigators said the toddler was beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend, Robert Davis. He's facing a second degree murder charge.

"It's very hard to comprehend that she's been gone a year. It's surreal. It's something you don't think you'll ever go through. Its stuff you see on the news but you never think that your family is going to go through it," said Dylan Daniel.

He's Kinzlea Kilgore's uncle. He tells us that he and his family have been reliving the nightmare of her death every day for the past year.

"She had her whole life ahead of her. She should be 3 years-old right now with us," he said.

The child was in her mother's care on Mother's Day of last year. According to court documents she was left alone with Robert Davis. He's accused of beating her to death. She died on her way to a Springfield hospital during the life flight.

The toddler's family believes her mother, Sierra Barrett, is just as responsible for her murder.

"She should be charged with at least child endangerment or something. She does not deserve to be out right now. Her baby is dead," said Daniel.

He said Kinzlea's father is still trying to come to grips with what happened.

"He regrets a lot but I know he would never hurt that baby, ever," he said.

Daniel is also having a hard time coping with losing her.

"It has brought me to rock bottom. It has. But I have survived and I will keep going as much as I can until she gets her justice. My motivation to keep going is to fight. Be her voice. She sends me signs all the time to let me know she's ok. She does," he explained.

Though Kilgore was killed last May, it took a few months for Davis to be charged for her death. The family feels that he may never have been held responsible if he hadn't brutally assaulted his own child a few months after Kilgore died.

Daniel said, "I will forever mourn and so will my family."

Davis will have to stand trial in Greene County on charges that he beat his daughter before facing a judge for Kilgore's murder.

Her family plans on being there every step of the way.

"He will see her face every court date and we will be there every court date. He will be reminded every time of what he did to our baby," said Daniel.

We spoke with the newly elected Dallas County Prosecutor, Jonathan Barker. He replaced Barbara Viets, who filed the charges against Davis. He said that the case against Kilgore's mother, Sierra Barrett is still open. It's possible that she still could face charges for her child's death. He's working closely with Greene County to get Davis to Buffalo to be arraigned.

State Auditor, Nicole Galloway is investigating Dallas County. Her office launched an audit last July.

We are still waiting for an update on where that case stands.

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