Investigators say 3 Clinton police officers sent to wrong address; suspect wanted at home

Published: Mar. 7, 2018 at 6:11 PM CST
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The Missouri Highway Patrol says three officers shot at a home in Clinton were sent to the wrong house.

Officer Ryan Morton died from gunshots in a shootout with a suspect at a home off Grandriver. Two other officers suffered gunshot wounds.

Investigators believe a call about a domestic dispute actually came from Windsor, Mo. That is about 15 minutes away from Clinton. The officers showed up at 306 Grandriver. They knocked on the door of James Waters' home. Police actually wanted Waters in a rape investigation. He is also a convicted felon.

The patrol says shots were fired at the officers around 9:20 p.m. The patrol says a SWAT team entered the home at 12:10 a.m. Wednesday but found the suspect dead. Police also found evidence of drug activity in the house. Officers arrested a woman connected to the case on a drug warrant.

The Missouri Highway Patrol says this was just a bad coincidence.

Here is the 911 call of the shootings from Broadcastify:

911 Operator: “Have an open mic”

(woman yelling in background)

911 Operator: “We have a disturbance.”

(woman yelling in background)

911 Operator: “At 306 Grand River…. Sound like two females.”

911 Operator: “Civil disturbance.”

A minute later…

911 Operator: “They aren’t responding, I can’t tell.”

(yelling in background)

911 Operator: “And they just disconnected.”

Five minutes later..

Officer on scene: “Central…shots… central.. shots.”

911 Operator: “Clinton car, status?”


911 Operator: “Clinton car, status check.”


Officer: “We’ve got one officer hit in the arm.”

Thirty seconds later…

911 operator: Attention (another car number) respond to 306 Grand River. Again, 306 Grand River. Officer with gunshot wounds.”

Ambulance dispatched.

Officer: “Nineteen, where you at.”

Morton: “Inside.. Backroom, right side… “

One minute later..

Officer: “Morton, you good?”

Morton: “No… I’m hit multiple times. One in arm, both legs, and chest, in the vest.”

The officer says “get here now.”

Two minutes later..

Officer: “Can you see the suspect?”

(no answer)

Officer: “All call, all CPD units, all call.”

911 Operator: “I’m getting everyone going.”

Officer: “14, 18 and 19 all hit with assault rifle fire.”

Officer: “19, talk to us.”

(ambulance has to stop nearby because of active fire)

Two minutes later…

Officer: “Crossfire guys, watch the crossfire.”

Officer: Morton, stay with us. Stay with us Morton.”

Two minutes later…

911 operator: “Is it safe for EMS to come in.”

Officer: “Negative, Negative”

911 Operator: “10-4.”

Officer: Still in the fight, we still have one inside, we can’t get to him.”

911 Operator: “10-4.”