Man breaks Galaga world record in his kitchen

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - A Cedar Rapids man is making a name for himself in competitive video gaming.

Jordan Dorrington of Cedar Rapids plays Galaga in his kitchen. He holds a world record. (KCRG)

Not many people have a full-size Galaga arcade game in their kitchen, but Jordan Dorrington of Cedar Rapids does.

"My wife decided that she would never see me again if it is in the basement, so we had to put it right here in the kitchen so she could sit on the couch and watch TV while I try to break a record," he said.

Galaga is a Japanese arcade game released in 1981, and let's just say Dorrington is addicted to it.

Jordan recently broke the Galaga world record with 20,980,450.

And yes, he did it in his kitchen. It takes 14 hours to break the record, so you need an incredible amount of skill, patience and endurance.

"The big question people ask me is, 'Can you take a break during that time?' Believe it or not, you can," he said. "In Galaga, you can park the ship and take a break for about 10 minutes. Go to the restroom, take a drink, whatever."

You can say Jordan is a star in the arcade world. They flew him over to Australia last year to play the best in the world in the Battle of the Hemispheres.

"Due to Facebook, a lot more attention is being put on arcade games because people can connect from around the world now and share strategies and watch other people play," Jordan said.

Before Jordan had his own Galaga game in his kitchen, he honed his skills at Quarter Barrel in downtown Cedar Rapids where he still plays and is a local legend.

"I will go down to the Quarter Barrel and I will stream down there," he said. "People will approach me every once in a while and say, 'Are you any good at this game?' I will be like, 'Yeah, I'm one of the best.' So then they will take a picture with me and talk to me."

There was even a TV crew filming Jordan at Quarter Barrel, hoping to do a documentary on Netflix.

Only five people in the world have won an award for being in a 6-million point club.

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