Is it worth waking up early on Black Friday?

With the growth of online shopping ... the Black Friday deals start earlier every year. It begs the question, do you really have to go to the store to shop?

It all depends on the item and store. Be aware, door buster deals are limited. In the fine print, retailers often put: No rain checks, limited quantities.

The early bird typically gets the best worm.

"Retailers are generally good about disclosing we guarantee ten per store. We guarantee one hundred of these per store, but the consumers should have to look out for that," said Dr. James Philpot, Director of the Financial Planning Program at Missouri State University.

If you don't desire to wake up early or shop on Thanksgiving, you'll still find good bargains in stores all day long. If you're saving more than 30 percent, consumer experts say that's a good sale.

"Might not be the big door busters that they get on Friday morning, but it's attractive enough of a deal that the consumers are willing to take that deal and save themselves some carnage," said Dr. Philpot.

There are exclusive deals on Cyber Monday, but more stores than ever before start online sales on Thanksgiving. Research promo codes. Don't hesitate to call before you click.

"Never underestimate the power of that customer service rep, 'Are there any other discounts available?' Just like hotels, they usually have discounts, but never volunteer it," said Dr. Philpot.

The takeaway is just research. Figure out exactly what you want and compare. It might be worth getting up early.