It's time to start preventing bugs from taking over your home

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It's that time of year again when bugs come out of hiding and try to come into your home.

Lucas Walch, lead technician with Bug Zero, said, "Basically every pest is going to be a repeat offender. If you might get rid of them for the spring or perhaps the summer, but more than likely you'll see them again next year."

It may still be early in the spring season but crews like Bug Zero are already busy protecting homes from pests

"Bugs are everywhere. The early months of the year where it starts getting warm and you most likely have a lot of rainfall, those- the introduction of spring starting up, you've got warmer temperatures and rainfall and that's going to bring out the insects," Walch said.

Since moisture is a big way to attract bugs like ants, spiders and termites, it's a good idea to remember to do your outdoor spring cleaning too.

"One important thing is to make sure you keep the yard picked up.
A lot of times leaves will collect over time and create a nice high humidity type environment that they'll want to be in," Walch said.

And while you're out making sure that the entrances to you house are sealed, checking your gutters and cleaning up leaves, you might want to swap out mulch near your home.

"It's a really good idea to get rid of your mulch and switch over to gravel. Water is going to readily soak into the ground rather than stay right on top of the ground with, as with mulch. And anytime you can reduce the humidity or the moisture around the house, you're going to reduce the number of harborage and access points into the house," Walch said.

That way bugs are one less thing you'll have to worry about this spring.