JUSTICE FOR JAILEI: Still no leads in deadly Lebanon hit-and-run

Published: Mar. 6, 2020 at 6:24 PM CST
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It's been more five months since 12-year old Jailei Luke was killed by a hit-and-run driver in Lebanon. That driver is still on the loose and police don't even have a suspect in the case.

The Lebanon Police Department said it has looked into hundreds of leads, but has come up with nothing in this case. Even so, Jailei's family wants justice.

On the side of Highway 5 in Lebanon, there's a reminder.

"It's hard with that out here, but when I go to think about taking it down, I can't," said Maxine Sherrer, Jailei's grandmother.

The memorial has been there for more than four months.

"I just miss her being here," Sherrer said.

Maxine Sherrer says her granddaughter, 12-year-old Jailei Luke, ran into the road to catch a ball September 28th. A truck hit her, and never stopped.

"I keep saying, all the time, one day, there's going to be justice for her, it'll come that day," Sherrer said.

Lt. Keith Shumate, with the Lebanon Police Department, said the crash was ruled an accident. The only obvious crime committed was leaving the scene.

"Of course, the longer it goes on, with any crime, the more difficult it is to solve but that doesn't mean there's an end," Shumate said.

LPD has looked into hundreds of leads since the crash. Lt. Shumate said nothing has panned out, and the case is turning cold.

"Long as I'm here, it'll never be closed, till we solve it," Shumate said.

Early on, Lebanon police were looking for a dark colored truck. That was based on the young witnesses who saw the hit-and-run happen. One of those was Jailei's 6-year-old sister.

"We had to put her in counseling because she started having a lot of trouble. She's really changed a lot since that happened," Sherrer said.

Shumate said he's dedicated to finding out who is responsible and why they didn't stop.

"We need some closure on this for the family," he said.

Closure might someday allow Sherrer to take down the memorial. For now, it stands as a reminder to whoever hit Jailei, the impact of that moment will last a lifetime.

"I don't want nobody to forget about her, I don't think anybody ever will," said Sherrer.

Jailei's family and the police department are begging anyone with information to come forward. Police say they will investigate every single tip, no matter how small.