James River Basin Partnership monitors a rapidly growing swallow hole at Wilson's Creek

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Springfield, Mo. -- A Springfield group is keeping a close watch on a developing situation in Wilson's Creek.

A hole in southwest Springfield is rapidly growing.

"It got a lot bigger," Brent Stock, project manager, said.

What started out as a small crack in the bottom of Wilson's Creek streambed is now two growing windows leading into an expanding swallow hole.

"The basketball sized hole tripled in size and then we see another window right down from it and the cool part is it's here today and it could be gone tomorrow," Stock said.

Expected rain could make the holes look completely different a few days from now.

"Anytime we have a rain event...it's going to change when the water flow gets higher," Tiffany Frey, Executive Director, said. "Also, there's so much water force going on right there it's going to cause erosion and it's going to cause the soil to fall and things to move."

It's a big view for now but could change in the coming days.

"It's so dramatic looking right now," Frey said.

"it could all collapse and fill in, it could eat away and form what you see behind us," Stock said.

"We don't know how it will look tomorrow or the next day, or the next day, for a long time like Brent said it was just one hole and now it's two and we were just out here a few days ago<' Frey said.

One theory of where all of this water could be going is it could be traveling underground for about a mile and reach Radar Spring.

The James River Basin Partnership recently accepted a grant to improve the Wilson's Creek watershed where the swallow hole is located.