Jordan Valley host resourceful baby shower for expectant moms

Photo courtesy of Pixabay / MGN

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- Jordan Valley Community Health Center will be hosting its first-ever Baby Bash Friday morning. It's free baby shower event equipped with all the bells and whistles for expecting mothers.

There will be games, crafts, healthy snacks, and dental checks. Vendors and presenters will be speaking on Mental health, proper nutrition, breastfeeding advice, and benefits. It's an event brought together in partnership with Nest partnership, and Women's Infants Children (WIC.) All in partnering efforts give mothers essential resources and information needed before childbirth

"It's a cool opportunity to talk to our moms differently," said WIC Coordinator Mary Ellison, with the Springfield, Greene County Health Department."Instead of always in an exam room talking to them."

Expecting Mother Goldie Phillips, said she wouldn't be able to attend this year's event. However, she can see the impact it will have for moms in the area.

"It just builds a community for moms who don't have many other mom friends," said Phillips. "And it's always nice to have a support group."

Another thing the shower will stress is the importance of a healthy pregnancy through regularly scheduled prenatal check-ups. Jordan Valley, Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Billie Scott works closely with expectant mothers and believes this is an essential topic for them.

On average, Jordan Valley performs approximately 400 ultrasounds and administer nearly 150 non-stress test monthly. However, Scott said all too often expecting mothers don't understand the importance of prenatal check-ups.

"We do a lot of routine screenings, concerning things that we would see in a normal pregnancy, and then there's a lot of things we watch for," said Scott.

Scott said they keep an eye on risk factors like diabetes, chronic hypertension, and even weight gain. She added that this is especially important because the top priority is to have a healthy mom and baby.

Baby Bash event information:
The event is FREE and will run from 10:00 a.m. and go to 1:00 p.m.
The Baby Bash event is for expecting moms only and will be at Jordan Valley's main campus, 440 E. Tampa in Springfield.
There will be door prizes for the first 100 ladies.