Know these scams: jury duty, IRS email and driveway work

There are so many con artists out there we have three Scams of the Week.

1. Jury duty calls

You can get notified about jury duty by text or e-mail. If you choose this option, you'll no longer get a jury duty letter. Going green is saving the courts money, but we do not want you to get ripped off from a bogus text or email. So, how can you tell if the message is from a crook? Crooks love to talk with urgency. They demand you wire money to pay up for missing jury duty. Don't do it. That's not how our court systems work.

2. Fake IRS emails

A viewer sent in one that states, 'The IRS recalculated your refund'. There's an expiration date. This is a phishing email. Swindlers hope to get your private info. Don't take the bait. Uncle Sam doesn't do emails.

3. Driveway work

Finally, if a crew knocks on your door and says, "Hey! We have extra materials. We can repave your driveway right now." Shut the door. Don't do it. Cons want you to think you're getting a deal. So they ask you to pay in full upfront. What usually happens is they work for a few hours and never come back to finish the job.