Koreans in the Ozarks react to possible peace between North and South Korea

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo With possible peace between North and South Korea coming closer, Koreans in the Ozarks share their point of view of the situation.

"We are praying for that, that they will be able to experience the world that we are living in today." said Saehee Duran, who lived in South Korea until she was 15.

Now a church pastor in Springfield, Duran lived in South Korea until she was 15, and the hope for peace was there even when she was a little girl.

"We grew up with the hope for the reunification, that is what we desire. Growing up with a lot of tension there was on the news. We knew that there was a lot of tension. We are always on the edge but we still live on." said Duran.

Duran says she is a little nervous though because of how fast the talks are moving, and why it is happening right now.

"There is a cautious optimism there because we just really don't know because we are the same people, but the time 50 years, we became different people group. Even if it were to happen I think that is just the first step, the bigger homework is ahead of us." said Duran.

But seeing the two Korean presidents holding hands, and the Korean Americans released from North Korea were steps in the right direction.

"Both my mom and dad, they have only known a war-torn Korea. They have only known a Korea where families were torn apart. So when they saw that they were in a state of disbelief. They were in a state of immense joy though. This has been something that so many Koreans have wanted, a unified Korea." said Timothy Lee, who has family in South Korea.

Lee just graduated from Evangel University.
All of his mom's family lives in South Korea, and he worried for their safety while Kim Jong Un was threatening to launch nuclear weapons.

"There was an anxiety in my heart, just to imagine that something could happen to my family out there. It does bring me a lot of peace knowing that we are going in a more right and peaceful direction." said Lee.

"For those past generations that haven't been able to see their relatives, if this wall comes down and we become one again, it will be like a dream come true for them." said Duran.

President Trump announced he will meet with Kim Jong Un in Singapore on June 12th.