Lake of the Ozarks' electricians working to make docks safer

LAKE OZARK, Mo. -- Right now, most of the Lake of the Ozarks doesn't have an inspecting authority to check if a dock is up to code.

"There's 30,000 docks on this lake and less than 25% of them have been inspected and determined to be up to code and safe to be on," said Michael Boyd.

So, Boyd teamed up with two other area electricians and formed the Lake of the Ozarks Association of Electrical Contractors.

"We were all tired of complaining about it so we decided to do something," said Seth Agnew, Vice President of LOZAEC.

They are recruiting local electrical companies and their employees to become members of their association.

Right now, four companies have signed on. To be a member, the company must pledge their employees will follow code and do the job right.

"Some people just take some pretty significant shortcuts," Boyd said. When you're talking about swimming in the water, and a piece of metal that's a dock, it's just not a place for a shortcut."

Those shortcuts could be deadly.

There have been several dock shock deaths at the lake in recent years, but the Missouri State Highway Patrol says it's hard to know just exactly how many because there aren't always tell-tale signs.

"We really, really are striving to make sure that the level of safety that we're striving for is achieved, and setting the standard higher to where when dock owners are having their docks worked on, that they have people who are qualified to do the work," Agnew added.

The association is also working on a training and certification course for it's members, which will start later this year.

"We hate to hear even one person get hurt on this lake," said Brad Davis, Treasurer of LOZAEC. "We just know this is the right thing to do, is come together as three competitors and work just for the common good of everyone in our community."