Lawsuit filed against company that attempted to revive theme park in northern Arkansas

MARBLE FALLS, Ark. - The former theme park Dogpatch USA is now overgrown and still vacant.

Charles L. "Bud" Pelsor is a co-owner of the company that owns the property. He said, "Now it looks almost like it did when I bought it. A wasteland. Everything grown up and ugly again and it happened because David Hare made promises he couldn't keep."

He said Heritage USA president David Hare approached him last year to rent that property.

"He came in larger than life with larger than life plans," Pelsor said.

But Pelsor said those plans quickly crumbled, and Hare did nothing to improve the former theme park.

"He shot himself higher than the foot," Pelsor said.

Heritage USA also had an agreement with Debra Nielsen to lease the vacant hotel, convention center, restaurant and skating rink in the area.

But Nielsen recently filed a lawsuit against Heritage USA and Hare, saying they failed to make rental payments, and she cancelled the lease.

She also said Hare was still living there, while other people with Heritage USA left.

The company responded to a 10-day eviction notice, saying the situation should be mediated, but Nielsen said there's no point since Heritage USA did not make their lease payments.

Pelsor, who is not part of the lawsuit, said Hare hasn't paid rent for the theme park property either since May.

Pelsor said Hare not only skipped out on three month's rent, he then proceeded to skip out of town.

"He snuck out of here," he said.

Pelsor said Hare left last Sunday night and then came back Monday.

"They got David Hare's car. It was locked in the convention center because the repo guy is after it. And they drove out of here."

Pelsor said he and his company are trying to move forward despite the giant setback.

"We're planning a rally in car show with music, food, we're going to keep the lights on. We're going to party," Pelsor said.

We reached out to Heritage USA. They have yet to return our messages.