Leigh's Lost and Found: 268 days of searching for this lost cat, pays off!

Published: May. 14, 2020 at 10:27 AM CDT
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In our Leigh's Lost and Found today, a missing cat story with a twist.

Garfield went missing nine months ago and his owner refused to give up on finding him. The search for Garfield took a turn as we were doing this story and it was definitely in the right direction

If you live off east Walnut, anywhere near the Apple Court Apartments, you've likely heard this.


Renee Sargent calling out for her missing orange tabby cat, Garfield. She was here on MSU moving day on August 9th, helping her daughter get settled into her new apartment.

"When we moved the last piece of furniture, he jetted out like he was on fire."

They last saw Garfield running underneath a fence by Ebbet's Field. Then, he was gone. Renee eventually had to leave and go back to her home in Miller, Missouri that day, but she kept coming back.

"I came back on Sunday, then Tuesday, then Thursday. Then it went to weekends. I've come down here several weekends, driving around, like finding a needle in a haystack, but I try."

We did this interview with Renee last Thursday. On Wednesday morning, that so called needle was found.

In a text, Renee told us, "my daughter walks out of her apartment at 1:17 this morning and there was Garfield!"

Renee immediately drove two hours to Springfield and her daughter took video as Renee enticed Garfield to finally come out and jump in her arms.

Nine months of worry and guilt are now over. Welcome home Garfield!


Renee says Garfield is in really good condition so his adventure didn't take a bad toll on him. She also says Wednesday was the first day in 268 days that she didn't have to check my leigh's lost and found page first thing in the morning.. and she is very happy about that.