Leigh's Lost and Found: A pure bred German Shepherd found dragging a leash, still not claimed after two months

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 4:10 PM CST
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In our Leigh's Lost and Found today, the ongoing search for the owner of a gorgeous, pure bred German Shepherd, found almost two months ago in Ozark.

"We have her and she needs to go home."

Route 66 Rescue in Ozark has been home to this lost German Shepherd since November 20th. That's when someone found the female dog running loose by the Purple Burrito.

They couldn't keep her so Route 66's director, Connie Foster, agreed to hold her.

"She was dragging a leash and I thought, surely someone was looking for her and would be here 20 minutes later to pick her up."

When that didn't happen, Connie posted her on my Lost and Found page, still thinking it wouldn't be long before someone claimed her."

"I am shocked. Absolutely shocked. I can not imagine why anyone is walking a dog with a new sweater on and the dog gets away and they don't claim her. We have put it out there and put it out there and put it out there. No one in the area was even asked about her."

Connie says the dog, who she's calling Cheyenne, was wearing a new purple sweater when she was found and is just a pup, around one year old.

"She might have come from another place and someone might have just picked her up and planned to keep her, so she could be missing from somewhere else and that's another reason why we've asked people to share and try to get the word out. "

f no owner comes forward, then Cheyenne will be looking for a new owner to get her out of the shelter and into a good home.

"She needs go somewhere. She doesn't need to be here."

If you know anything about this dog, you can email Route 66 Rescue through the related link. You can also fill out an application on their site to adopt Cheyenne if no owner is found.

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