Leigh's Lost and Found: A whole neighborhood works together to find a cat, missing for a month

Published: Jan. 29, 2020 at 2:30 PM CST
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In our Leigh's Lost and Found today, a reunion that took a couple of twists and turns on the way to success.

Amber the cat went missing on Thanksgiving night last year. She's finally back home but there were a few twists and turns along the way.

"You're alright."

For a long month, Tara Walser wasn't sure if her cat Amber was alright.

"I realized when I pulled up here that she was gone. I had been holding her on my lap the whole time."

Amber was moving into a new apartment on Thanksgiving night. She loaded up Amber and her belongings and drove from Rolla, stopping only at the Walmart off Independence.

"I stopped for just like a second to look at my GPS and see where I was going and the windows were cracked just a little bit because Amber gets car sick."

That's all it took for Amber to slip through that crack and disappear into the parking lot. Tara immediately posted Amber's picture on the Lost and Found page.

"I don't know what it is about certain animals, they just stick in my brain."

One of my page's admins, Kameron Richerson, then started looking on other sites for a match, and thought she'd found it.

"There was a lady who had posted a picture of a cat that looked just like Amber the cat, had the same markings, minus the collar."

Tara was thrilled and brought the cat all way home, only to realize it was not her baby.

"I got her here and her little claws popped out and I was like, no!"

Kameron says, "Tara gets the cat home and it wasn't Amber. Close, but not Amber. Her cat didn't have claws."

Tara then went to google maps to stake out neighborhoods near the Walmart. She hit paydirt at a mobile home park, where people kept spotting Amber.

Someone actually caught her on their motion camera right before Christmas and called Tara.

"She was just about to bolt when I got there and then she heard my voice. I yelled, Amber! And she looked up at me and just laid down and started rolling around."

"It's so thrilling, it just makes my heart fill with joy."

Kameron is happy she played a part in a reunion that really did take a village to make happen.

"Every single person had a hand in me actually finding her."

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