Leigh's Lost and Found: Caught on tape, a lost dog rescued from a barbed wire fence

Published: Jun. 4, 2020 at 11:26 AM CDT
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In our Leigh's Lost and Found today, a frantic rescue effort caught on tape..

Blaze had been missing from his family's home in Aurora for a week, when they got a call that he'd been found, but he needed help.

Shouts of joy and concern as the Fulcher family finally found their missing dog Blaze. A friend captured the moment they discovered him tangled up in a barbed wire fence in the woods.

"I had walked up and down that road and I was beside myself when I saw how far back he was and knowing that he just right there where I had been searching for him."

Blaze's saga started a week before when Jessica Fulcher says someone stole him from their yard in the early morning hours.

"They came into a fenced in yard, where the gate was closed and took him."

Jessica plastered his story all over her facebook page and my Leigh's Lost and Found page. She kept reposting and finally got a call.

"She's like, my neighbor found a dog and it's wrapped around a fence out in her back pasture."

That call led to this delicate rescue. The person taping it had to stop to help, since Blaze was so twisted in the fence.

"He started realizing then that he was getting freed and he was getting ready to go home. He was jumping around, couldn't contain himself. Jumping all over us, licking all over us."

Blaze is getting a lot of love himself now that he's back home with his family. Jessica's daughter Veda is overjoyed at his return.

"I feel super happy that he's back now because it was hard and Whimper his brother was really sad. He wasn't eating eating either.

And they have some advice for anyone with a lost pet. Get their picture and story all over social media and don't give up.

"Anyone and everyone who would listen to me, I'd share and just don't think that you're loved one will never come home."

Blaze lost some weight and cut up his paws during his ordeal but has since made a full recovery.