Leigh's Lost and Found: Find out more about local cat rescue Watching Over Whiskers

In today's Leigh's Lost and Found report, it's not just lost or stray dogs submitted to the Lost and Found page.

About 30 percent are cats. And there are very few rescues dedicated to just felines. Two, in the Ozarks to be exact.

One of them is called Watching Over Whiskers and it's run by Marci Bowling.

"Watching Over Whiskers is a fund and feline rescue in the community which uses our money to fund three areas of feline need. The first is trap, neuter and release or TNR, which is to help stop the overpopulation of felines in our community. The second is for emergency vetting for owned and found cats. And the third is to provide routine vetting for owned cats."

Libby is one of the cats that benefited from the emergency vetting. She was found as as kitten unable to walk. Now, she's totally healthy, loving and needs a good home.

WOW has many cats like Libby that it's helped, posted on its website. There's also an application on there to get help with emergency and routine vetting for both stray and owned cats.

WOW is 100% foster based and is always in need of people willing to take cats in temporarily, until they can find their forever home.

"We decided to focus several years ago on moms and babies and now we've segued into a little bit of the injured ones as a result, because some of those cats can't go into a shelter environment."

If you're interested in becoming a foster for WOW or you'd like to make a donation, click on the related link to their website. You can also check out the adoptable kitties on there, looking for their new family.

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