Leigh's Lost and Found: How Rescue One finally trapped a starving, stray Hound

Published: Feb. 27, 2020 at 11:16 AM CST
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In our Leigh's Lost and Found today, the long road to finally catching a stray hound, roaming around springfield.

We started getting sightings of the very thin hound on the Leigh's Lost and Found facebook page starting last November.

It took a lot of time, patience and a few tricks, but she's now safely off the streets and ready to find a good home.

"We relied heavily on sightings from the public."

It was pictures like these of a frightened, skinny dog that caught the attention of Michele Rehkop, a member of Rescue One's emergency rescue team.

"We are a group of volunteers that go out on calls for any animal, mostly dogs and cats, that are on the loose or are injured or there's an unsafe situation. Pretty much help any animal that needs help."

This girl definitely needed help. She was roaming around a Cox health building in freezing, icy weather for weeks.

"When we would see a sighting we would go out to the location and look for her, see if we could find her, using treats."

The team eventually set up a regular feeding station and had a live trap, ready to go. But it wouldn't be that easy.

"We sat and watched it from a distance for a whole entire day and there was no sightings of her."

And when the trap's camera did catch a sighting? Outside interference scared her off.

"It would get frustrating sometimes because we'd get so close and then a car would drive by and we'd be like, no!"

Finally, in late December, the camera caught the dog creeping closer and closer. And then, she was in.

"She was, I think, relieved but at the same time, completely stressed. But she let us pet her."

Michele is now fostering this sweet girl and says the dog that was so skittish outside is a complete love, now.

"She's so happy to have consistent food and she's so happy to have a warm house and she just loves people. She has started to play, she interacts with my other dogs and she's great in her crate."

Now she just needs a forever home, one with at least a six foot high privacy fence.

"If she got loose, she'd probably be hard to trap again because she now knows our tricks and she's extremely smart. She's a very sweet girl. I think she'll adjust very well."

If you're interested in the dog, dubbed Mallory Michelle, click the related to the Rescue One website.

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