Leigh's Lost and Found: How Rescue One's new vetting clinic will free up space at other rescues and veterinarians' offices

Published: Dec. 18, 2019 at 5:22 PM CST
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In our Leigh's Lost and Found today, a major expansion by one of the biggest animal rescue organizations in town, Rescue One.

The organization got a great deal on a lease for a huge building off south Glenstone. Now, the feverish work is on to get it ready to become the rescue's new vet clinic in time for the new year.

"We're grinding floors, we're painting, we're cleaning, we're tearing down walls, we're putting up walls."

The work list is long to get this space ready by January 2nd. Notes with jobs to do litter the various rooms and work has been going on almost non-stop for a few months now.

"This area will be for where the dogs and animals go when they first arrive."

Ellen Dowdy gave me a tour a few weeks ago, of the 3200 square foot building, with a maze of rooms that will soon be transformed into a vetting clinic for Rescue one dogs.

"We're probably getting 40 to 50 requests a day to take in animals and if we're getting that, so is C.A.R.E. and so is the humane society."

Being able to use this space to vet their rescue dogs, will mean more space for other animals in need.

"Our hope is that frees up appointments with the SAAF spay and neuter clinic. We'll take out our appointments and use that for the public. As well as the area vets we use."

Opening this new clinic on time has meant a lot of time spent here by volunteers doing hard and dusty, dirty work.

"We have a handful of volunteers that have really taken this commitment seriously and they're here every time they're off work. You don't realize how many little things there are to do until you get in there."

The clinic signed a five year lease here. And while this is

a big job, it comes with a big reward at the end. Saving more animals and finding them good homes.

if you'd like to find out more about the vetting clinic or donate to the rescue one cause, click on the related link to visit their website.

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