Leigh's Lost and Found: How a microchip got a lost Yorkie back home!

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 11:31 AM CST
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In our Leigh's Lost and Found today, a reunion that proves how important it is to get your pets microchipped. A little Yorkie that was missing from her west Springfield home for a week, may have never made it home without her chip.

"It was Sunday night, whenever we had all those tornadoes and high winds."

Those recent storms caused a lot of damage and flooding, but for Lora Hunt, they caused heartbreak..

She says, "it blew my gate open just enough to where my little six pound Yorkie could get out."

Security cameras outside Lora's house caught the moment Chanel wandered down their driveway and into all kinds of potential danger for such a tiny pup.

"I felt my heart just fall down to my stomach. Instantly, I put it out on Leigh's Lost and Found and I just reached out to everyone I could think of."

Her frantic postings on the Lost and Found page generated a lot of shares and concern, but no sightings or information.

"I cried all the time. It makes me tear up thinking about it now. I was really sad."

Then, a week later, came the news Lora had been waiting for.

"I got a text message from the microchip company that she's microchipped with and it just said, we found your pet. I was just in total shock."

Someone had found Chanel and taken her to a vet's office for a check up.

"Since she told the vet's office that she found the dog, the vet's office decided since you found her, maybe we should scan her to see if she's been missing. And as soon as they scanned her, it popped up that she was missing."

"After that, I was like oh my gosh, I have to get her microchipped. If she would have been microchipped then, they would have immediately known where she belonged."

And she's convinced, had she not made that move, this happy reunion would not have happened.

The Humane Society of Southwest Missouri does offer low cost chipping clinics throughout the year. Click on the related link to their website to find dates and times.