Leigh's Lost and Found: How you can help build winter shelters for stray and feral cats in our community

In today's Leigh's Lost and Found, the effort to make sure the most vulnerable cats in our community are warm and safe this winter.

Community cats include strays and feral colonies and the winter can be very dangerous for them. That's why one group is working hard to give them much needed shelter.

"This is a shelter build for feral and community cats."
Stacy Williams, a volunteer for local cat rescue Watching Over Whiskers, walked us through how they make the winterized cat shelters.

It starts with an inexpensive styrofoam cooler and a drill.

"We take styrofoam coolers and stuff them full of straw."

Once the straw is almost to the top, they add diatomaceous earth

"Diatomaceous earth is way to control parasites, fleas and ticks."

They add a little catnip for enticement, then they cover it with heavy duty plastic and tape it up tight for extra waterproofing.

Stacy and other volunteers spend their weekends making dozens of these..

"This has been our biggest year so far, we've made 150, I think we still have 90 on the waiting list."

They then hand them out to anyone caring for strays or feral cats.

Stacy and her husband are happy to do the work and say the wait list for one of these is a good problem to have.

"It's great to know that there are so many people in our community caring for these cats, wanting to provide them shelter."

But to meet that demand, they need more hands.

"Many hands make light work, so it goes very fast."

She says the pay off is worth it. Giving these needy cats a warm winter home, gives her a warm, fuzzy feeling.

"I felt so good about knowing how many shelters we had put out, that those cats were going to have a nice, warm place."

If you want one of these shelters, they're $10 apiece with the money going to Watching Over Whiskers vetting expenses.

Check out the Forgotten Felines of Springfield facebook page where you can sign up to receive one or sign up to help with the building.

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