Leigh's Lost and Found: Owner still looking for his long lost dog

In our Leigh's Lost and Found report, a plea for help from a dog owner missing his best friend for almost three years now.

Thor went missing back in October of 2016 under unusual circumstances and his devastated owner says he just needs some answers, no matter what happened to Thor.

Andrew Lanphier tells us, "I always told myself, I wanted a dog that was mine. My dog. It could go everywhere with me."

That special dog turned out to be this Doberman/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.

"He was a rambunctious little dog. He was more my buddy than anything."

Andrew took the unwanted puppy in and they bonded quickly, doing everything together, like hitting local parks to play.

"He'd run around and chase the birds, chase the ducks, run up to everyone and want to play with everybody."

That all ended in 2016 when Andrew's mom was watching Thor at their rural property off north Glenstone.

"My mom was taking care of him and I went home to feed him and when I went back to him, he was just gone. His collar was just laying there like someone had unhooked it and took him, which is weird because we were in the middle of nowhere out in the woods. No one should have known he was even there. It just bothered me because I know he wouldn't just run away like that."

Andrew has posted Thor many times on the Lost and Found facebook page over the years and continually checks local shelters.

"You miss him, you just miss him. After so long, you just want to know."

Andrews says he's ready for any answer, even if someone else has Thor and wants to keep him.

"I'd love to have my best friend back. But more so, I just want to know and have some peace of mind. If he's with another family and he's making the kids happy, I would never want to interrupt that home life because I know how that feels."

In the meantime, Andrew recently took in another dog, an energetic Corgi/Pomeranian mix. She's taken some of the sting away.

"Our son is very high energy so we figured it would work perfectly and it did. They really mesh well. My son is always on the run and the dog is always on his tail."

But the new dog stirs up memories of the old one and Andrew is asking everyone to keep their eye out for his beloved Thor.

"I would love to reunite with him one last time, to see him and say I'm sorry I wasn't there and say goodbye."

If you know anything about what happened to Thor, you can contact the Leigh's Lost and Found facebook page by clicking on the related link. Andrew is offering a reward for any information that solves this mystery.

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