Leigh's Lost and Found: Rescue needed right away for a dog who was shot and left for dead

In our Leigh's Lost and Found today, a desperate need for a rescue organization to step up to help a pit bull, found shot and left for dead.

"He'd been shot here, there was a wound here and a wound in his ear. "

Tank's early life has been rough.

"Our group Furry Hearts networks dogs to rescues."

Lynne Cox and her partner Barbara Jenkins were first contacted about Tank and his brother Chaos on August 14th.
They were running loose in the Chapel Hill neighborhood outside Stockton and needed a shelter to take them in.

A foster was temporarily watching them while Lynne reached out to rescues.

"On the 19th, she told me they had followed a truck out of a subdivision.
On the 22nd, a state ranger contacted me and said a dog had been found huddled next to a dumpster and the dog did appear injured. He sent me a picture and it was Tank."

A vet determined he'd been shot multiple times. He barely survived and now, though he's better, there are lasting effects.

"He's lost some hearing we think. He suffered some paralysis on the right side of his face, you can see where his mouth droops."

Lynne fears an even worse end for Chaos who has never been found.

"We've questioned people in that subdivion, no one is saying anything."

They're now offering a $500 reward for any information about Chaos, whether he's dead or alive.

They're also in dire need of a major rescue organization to take Tank in while he finishes his recuperation and eventually find him his forever home.

"We want to send him to a rescue to finish the work of getting him back to his normal self. He's getting much better. This is just all around a great dog."

If you're a rescue or an experienced person that can take in Tank, contact Furry Hearts at Furryhearts2018@gmail.com. Donations can also be made to Paypal at the email or be mailed to P.O. Box 540, Stockton, 65785.

If you have any information about who may have shot these dogs contact the Cedar County Sheriff's Office at 417-276-5133.

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