Leigh's Lost and Found: The cat rescue you can turn to if you find an injured cat like this one

Published: Aug. 2, 2018 at 3:21 PM CDT
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In our Leigh's Lost and Found today, a look at an important resource if you find an injured cat or can't afford a big vet bill, like in the case of a stray dubbed Marley, who was hit by a car on July 9.

"He was in really rough shape. He took the brunt with his head."

A passerby discovered this gray tabby in serious distress. Thankfully she knew who to call.

"He looked like a boxer who had gone a round too many."

Marci Bowling runs Watching over Whiskers, a foster based cat rescue that also helps pay for emergency cases.

She took responsiblity for Marley's care and has been documenting his journey, from surgery and recovery, to his release from the vet into a foster home.

"We see so many emergency cases. Most of them are really sweet cats that people let go inside/outside, and they just don't make it back one day because of something like this."

Last year, Watching over Whiskers raised and spent around $29,000 on ER cases. This year, it's taken on 54. Marley alone will wind up costing around $2000.

"He's got broken teeth and will have to have another surgery to pull those teeth that are in bad shape."

This cat lover is happy to help strays like him and also cat owners who find themselves in a bind with a big vet bill they can't totally cover.

But Marci would be happiest if WOW never had to help another Marley. And she says it's a simple solution to make that happen.

"We're big advocates of keeping cats inside. All of that, most of the time, wouldn't happen if they were just inside."

If you're like to donate to WOW's cause, click the link included in this story to their website.