Leigh's Lost and Found: This lost dog turned out to be a tough survivor!

Published: Jun. 10, 2020 at 4:55 PM CDT
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In our Leigh's Lost and Found, and the story of a true survivor.

Daisy May has survived two tough situations, the latest one being lost for five weeks, dozens of miles from home.

She looks happy and healthy now as she plays with her human sibling, but Daisy May had a rough start to life.

"She had been attacked by coyotes or some other dogs. She'd also been shot in the back and had open wounds in her front in her armpit area. So she was pretty banged up."

Ashley Smith volunteered at the Polk county humane society where Daisy Mae got treated and eventually gave her a forever home when she healed.

"She is the best dog I've ever seen."

But she's also a curious Coon hound and about two months ago, she followed her nose from her home in Bolivar, into big trouble.

"We always have a fenced in yard and she'll still wiggle her way out. Usually we just call her and she comes back. This time, she did not do that. We could not find her for nothing."

Five long weeks went by with no word and Daisy's family had about given up ever seeing her again.

"Someone called my husband and said, hey, we have your dog! We found her out in the cemetery in Pleasant Hope which is 30 miles from us. She probably just picked up a scent, got turned around and didn't know which way was home and just kept going."

A picture from the reunion says all you need to know about how happy they are to have Daisy May back home.

"I'm still so blessed and so emotional about it, I can not even. I just don't know how it was a possible thing. She has got the heart of a survivor. She's my little mama dog and I love her."