Leigh's Lost and Found: a happy ending for a long time foster dog!

Published: May. 6, 2020 at 4:24 PM CDT
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In our Leigh's Lost and and Found today, a happy ending for a longtime foster dog with a certain quirk.

We introduced you to Roxie several weeks ago. She was not a big fan of other dogs, but she is a big fan of her new forever mom who was able to make that quirk work.

The last time you saw Roxie, she was patiently waiting for her forever home, after being in a foster home for more than six months.

"I was really surprised that she's been in foster care for so long because she's a great dog."

It was Addy Bennett to the rescue. She says she fell for Roxie right away when she saw her online.

"I was scrolling through Petfinder looking for a dog for myself and I came across her picture and I automatically fell in love with her. She's so cute."

The feeling is mutual. Roxie has settled right in to Addy's downtown Springfield apartment, and is a great canine companion for her during the pandemic.

"Having her around has been great, I don't get lonely and she keeps me active. We go on walks all the time, she loves walks."

Addy even has plans to build something special for Roxie in front of her favorite window.

"There's like a little nook back behind here and there's a desk and chair I use and I'm going to put it in storage and build kind of like a little nook area for her, with her bed and her food and maybe a little ledge by the window because she loves looking out the window."

With no other animals, Addy is a perfect fit for Roxie's intolerance of other dogs. And she encourages people to look beyond the quirks and work with rescue dogs to help them overcome their issues.

"Yeah, they do sometimes have their quirks but they're so easy to overcome and sometimes those quirks make them even so much more cute."

Roxie was rescued by 4 the Love of K9's. You can check out all their dogs up for adoption by clicking on the related link.