Leigh's Lost and Found: a puppy mill rescue dog successfully found four miles from her foster home!

Published: Oct. 9, 2019 at 4:39 PM CDT
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In our Leigh's Lost and Found today, a lot of social media pressure and a happy coincidence ended with a missing rescue dog being found safe, miles from her foster home.

"I have been a foster for Havaheart since April."

In her short time as a foster family for Havaheart rescue, Alicia Shirato has already taken in 12 dogs. Maci, the St Bernard, is the latest one.

"You can tell she's probably had at least six litters of puppies already."

Maci was saved from being a breeding dog at a puppy mill and it shows.

"She has really droopy eyes from being overbred, she walks into the wall sometimes because she can't see. She was in really rough shape. And she was in bad shape emotionally as well. She growled at us, she wouldn't come out of her crate for like two days. I just had to lay with her on floor and talk to her and give her pepperoni in the crate until she decided I was okay."

Maci also bonded with Alicia's daughter Sophia. so when Maci suddenly went missing a few weeks ago, the family was devastated and did everything to find her.

"There were four people out for hours, probably 12 hours, the day she went missing and nobody sighted her anywhere."

Four days went by with no sightings. Then Alicia got a phone call.

"It was a lady from Rescue One and she said, I think we've located Maci. She's just down the street from my house."

You might recognize that Rescue One lady from a previous Lost and Found story. Mallory Dunbar helped save a stray dog living at a truck stop. Coincidentally, Maci showed up, scared and hunkered down in a barn, right next to Mallory's house.

"As soon as we got there, she let us hook the leash on her and I had to tug her out a little bit but she was happy to see us and she hopped in the truck and you could tell she was happy to be found."

And happy to be back chilling with Sophia in the front yard. Alicia says Maci may wind up being a foster fail and just stay here, for good. But if not?

"She's going to make someone a very fantastic dog. But I'll be very picky about where she goes."

Alicia thinks someone picked up Maci and planned to keep her but probably dumped her off after seeing her plastered all over fliers and social media like the Lost and Found page.

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